There are camping locations throughout the US.  However, there are some amazing spots that call you to pack up and go across the country.  Take a look at some of the trips we have found that we think you would love in the spring. Springtime is a great time to see nature.  It typically isn’t too hot in any part of the US. This is why it is a perfect time to get out and see the country!

Remember, some of these parks will have waiting lists and fill up fast.  Be sure to call ahead and book your spot before heading out. This will assure you have a camping spot when you get there!

Grand Canyon National Park – Arizona

March through May this park has very little people at it.  But, the views are just as stunning as ever. This is the time of year that you can enjoy this park without sharing it with so many.  It is also the time of year that the Grand Canyon is covered in various wildflowers that are simply beautiful.

The Grand Canyon is located where the temperatures are not that harsh during the day during the March-May time.  Being in the south, allows you to enjoy the nicer weather while enjoying the park itself.

Bryce Canyon and Arches National Park – Utah

Southern Utah is breathtaking and only a few hour’s drive from Las Vegas.  So, if you are thinking about seeing some camping destinations in Utah and don’t want to bring your own camper, there are other options.

Rent a camper or a cabin and get out and see these amazing sandstone structures. Utah’s landscaping is certainly beautiful and unique. Early Spring camping here, as with the Grand Canyon, means you will have the place to yourself.  The spring will have cooler temperatures, but you are not up north where you will see snow, so a heavy sweatshirt and you should be fine.

However, going this time of year means that there are fewer crowds to attend to and making it far more peaceful.  The room and campground rates are a bit lower in the spring as well.

Yosemite National Park – California

Are you noticing a trend yet?  Our national parks are beautiful!  But, they can get so overly crowded in the summertime.  However, if you take some time out in the spring, you can enjoy these parks without all the crowds.

This is the best time to go and see the wildflowers blooming in many areas as well. During the months of April and May, you will see this national park start to wake up.

The waterfalls will be flowing and the rivers will be high due to the huge snowmelt. It really is a beautiful time of year to see!

Myrtle Beach State Park -Carolina

After all the National parks, perhaps we must say that there are some amazing state parks throughout the United States as well.  During the springtime, you will see some amazing views of the birds migrating back north. And, the sunrises are simply amazing. This is a popular destination for spring break, so if you can, avoid that particular time of year to have the place to yourself.

There are so many destinations that would lend themselves to being some of the best for a springtime visit!  Just remember, call ahead!