Camping Necessities Everyone Should Have

Camping necessities come in all forms, however, you need one form or another to survive a camping trip. Okay, you might survive without some of these things but it wouldn’t be comfortable.

These things are important for not only enjoyment but survival as well. We believe camping can be an amazing activity for both the young and old. However, going prepared is definitely worth it. Check out some of the camping necessities everyone should have to survive and make their camping experience much more enjoyable.


Yes, you will need some form of shelter. This can be a simple tent that is reasonable enough or a camper or RV. Someplace to protect you from the elements at night when you sleep as well as to store your things. Some tents can get massive and complicated with rooms and dividers or a two-three person tent can be simple. It doesn’t matter what your flavor is, just that you have something to cover up you and your things at night.

Remember, if you are packing a tent to check the weather and ensure you spray your tent for water. This, along with a rain fly, will help you stay dry on the inside.


This can be in the form of bottled water. Or you can bring a cooler of water. Maybe the campground offers a water supply instead. Just make sure you have enough water to get through the trip. There are even fancy water purification systems out there that can purify on the fly. Never the less, you need a source of water.

Food and Food Storage

Bring along food that is easy to make on whatever type of cooking device you have. There are some fancy cooking devices out there. And, there are some simple propane grills or burners or use the fire pit. And, sometimes prepping the food can make this easier during the camping trip. Try cutting up the veggies and putting them into the foil packs at home to save time when camping. Bring along a cooler to keep things cold and ice. Ensure you can get more ice when needed as well.

If it is cool out you may need to pack a little heavier as well. Our bodies burn calories to stay warm, so we are more hungry when it is cold. Keep that in mind as well as how you are going to store your food. A cooler or if you have an RV the fridge will work. In some places, you will need to bear-proof your food, as well, be sure to check before heading out.

Sleeping Bag or Blankets

Check the weather of where you are going and bring along a sleeping bag that is appropriate for that weather. Don’t have a sleeping bag? Then a few blankets would do as well. And, be sure to take along something to put down to keep the sleeping bag up off the ground. This can be something as simple as an air mat or even an extra blanket. Cold ground can literally suck the heat right out of you and that makes for a long night.

Sleeping bags come in all kinds of forms and even different shapes. There are heavy-duty sleeping bags for those that like to camp in the fall or winter, and there are lighter weight sleeping bags for warmer climates. Be sure you pick a sleeping bag that is rated for the time of year and temperature to stay comfortable.

If you are just trying camping in the fall or winter and do not want to commit, then you could use 2 sleeping bags to stay warm and just double them up. And, always take something like a sleeping mat when staying in a tent. They have sleep mats, however, if you don’t have one, a rolled-up piece of foam or even another sleeping bag will work as well. This just makes the floor a little more comfortable and protects you from the cold ground at night as you sleep as well. This is especially important in cooler temperatures as the cold ground can suck the heat right out of you.

Camping Essentials

Other Essentials to bring along while camping

Bring along proper clothing and rain gear just in case. This can be something as simple as a large garbage bag to go over your clothing to keep dry. The most important thing is to keep dry if it’s chilly outside. Then, of course, have special rain gear and ensure that your tent is sprayed to keep everything inside it dry as well. And, sunscreen, clothing to layer, bug spray are some of the personal items you should consider.

Fire Starter

You will need something to start your campfire with. Camping just isn’t the same without a campfire. This could be something as simple as a disposable lighter. But, having a lighter or matches is certainly easier to work with than rubbing two sticks together, although, it can be done, most of us don’t want to go that route.


Plan to have a fire? Ensure you have enough firewood, or ensure where you are going will offer firewood. The fire is a camper’s friend. It can provide heat and is a great place to cook as well as dry out wet clothing. Don’t forget simple tools that you might need to split up the firewood or dig a pit. And, something to start the fire would be helpful.

The most important thing to bring along on your next camping trip is common sense. Think about what you personally will enjoy and need when you are out. Overpacking the first few times is better than getting there without something. And, the more you camp the easier it will become.

Basic Toiletries

If you are staying at a campground, there most likely will be shower rooms. Or you can show it in your RV. Either way, you will need some basic toiletries and do not forget the sunblock and bug spray, you can thank us later. Having these things can save you from horrible sunburns and bug bits that could carry diseases.


I have been camping and going outdoors for over 15 years! My first experience was when I joined the scouts. There I learned a lot. From building a campfire to set up a really big tent. Then I know this is awesome. Around 2005 I also started Geocaching. This is a lot of fun. And every time we go camping we look at the map to see if there are some nice caches around.

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