We wanted to make use of some of the bacon we had leftover from cooking breakfast this morning so we decided what better way to use it than to make some sandwiches and throw them in the double pie iron to get them nice and toasty. Since we had more than one hungry mouth to feed we broke out the double pie iron to get things done twice as fast.

Double Pie Iron With Meat

 After laying out our ingredients, which consisted of white bread, muenster cheese, turkey, bacon and some butter, we got to work preparing our sandwiches for the pie iron.  Step one here is buttering one side of each piece of bread to make sure it gets the nice golden brown hot and toasty flavor we all love and then putting them butter side down in the pie iron. Next, we layered cheese, turkey, bacon, and then another layer of cheese just for good measure.  Now it’s time to close it and head for the fire.

Double Pie Iron Filled

It takes about 15 minutes or so for the pie iron to get hot enough to really heat things up inside and get the bread nice and toasty, although that time will vary depending upon how hot your fire is and how close you keep the pie iron to it, so best to lay it down on a rock next to the fire and peek inside to make sure you’re not burning your bread.

Double Pie Iron

A couple of extra notes on this process we’d like to point out here – firstly, a double pie iron can be heavy so depending on your wrist strength it might require two hands to hold or you also may be better off propping it up on a stable log if you have one.  Secondly, get yourself a pair of these heat resistant gloves.  Aside from just being incredibly useful while you’re holding a pie iron over the fire, they will also come in handy when tending to your fire, working with a dutch oven, or countless other ways while.  Seriously – we use ours nearly daily.

Double Pie Iron With Gloves

After the bread is toasted to your satisfaction, lay that pie iron down and open it up to reveal two beautifully toasted and melty sandwiches ready to be scarfed down.  I mean look at these, how much better does it get than a freshly toasted turkey, bacon, and melty cheese sandwich cooked over a campfire?

Double Pie Iron With Sandwiches