20 Awesome Cyber Monday Camping Deals Perfect For Camping Lovers

We lined up 20 of the best Cyber Monday deals for you, so if you’re shopping for someone who loves camping or the outdoors, or even just want to grab yourself a few new supplies at great prices, check out our list here to see the 20 best Cyber Monday camping deals.

We have put up our best effor to find the beste Cyber Monday Camping deals for you! So today you will find.

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This little multi-functional clip is an extremely impressive performer, with a separate extending hook, you’ll be amazed at how many different ways you find yourself using it. From camping trips to everyday uses around the house, this handy hook will be a surefire favorite in no time.

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Camping Hammock

If you have someone on your wishlist who really likes to kick back and relax, this camping hammock is an awesome gift, especially at this price. It comes with hooks and rope so it’s super simple to hook up just about anywhere, and all comes neatly bundled in a space-saving bag perfect for taking with you on your next trip or even to a backyard bbq if you feel so inclined.

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SureFire LED Flashlight

SureFire flashlights are among the best performing and brightest lights available on the market, for this price is a no brainer for anyone. They’re amazing around the campsite but also incredibly useful around the house for any time you get caught in the dark.

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Intex Seahawk Inflatable Boat

This inflatable boat is a great gift for anyone who enjoys getting out on the water but doesn’t want to worry about having to strap a boat to their roof or tow a trailer. Capable of holding up to 4 people and includes 2 fishing pole holders, this is a great grab.

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Three Tray Tackle Box

This durable little tackle box includes three fold-out trays and also 180 pieces of starter gear so it’s a great gift for someone just getting into fishing, especially at 42% off!

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Odor Eliminator

This may seem like an odd gift to give but if you’ve ever lived with the smell of campfire in your car after a camping trip, you’d know that having an odor eliminator is an absolute godsend. This odor eliminator is a steal and well worth its weight in gold.

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Zippo 12 Hour Hand Warmer

For anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of spending any amount of time outside in colder weather, you know that keeping your hands warm is an absolute necessity. These little Zippo hand warmers are great at keeping your hands warm for over 12 hours and are a truly great deal. Grab a couple before they are sold out.

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Yeti Rambler 2 Pack

These Yeti Ramblers are hands down the best drink cups you’re going to find, and right now you can grab a 2 pack of them for a good price. Yeti products don’t really go on sale often so snatch these up while you can!

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Roasting Sticks

Whether you enjoy sitting around a campfire or even just a fire pit in the backyard, these extendable color-coded roasting sticks are a must-have. Keep all of your little campers happy and safely away from the fire while they enjoy toasting up some marshmallows!

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Travel Wine Bags

If you’re the type of person who really enjoys drinking wine, or perhaps you know someone who does, then pick up this reusable travel wine bag and enjoy the luxury of taking along your own supply of wine without having to worry about breaking glass or how to open the bottle while you’re traveling!

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Beer Bottle Cooler

Like enjoying icy cold beers by the campfire? This insulated beer bottle holder is a perfect gift because it helps keep the bottles cold for hours, plenty long enjoy for you to enjoy your beverage without having to worry about it getting warm before you drink it.

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Camping Charm Bracelet

Is there a woman in your life who just can’t get enough camping in her life? Grab this beautiful camping charm bracelet and help commemorate some of the best memories made around the campfire.

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Waterproof Dry Bag

This waterproof dry bag is a great little accessory for anyone who spends time outdoors camping, hunting hiking or fishing.
We all have lots of things we want to keep nice and dry, and this dry bag will do an excellent job at keeping your valuables nice and dry.

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Camp Stove

This is quite possibly one of our most used camping items apart from our tent. This little camp stove is super compact but powerful enough to boil a large pot of water in a hurry. Grab them while they last.

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Folding Binoculars

Exploring nature is one of the reasons most people enjoy going camping, and one of the best ways to do it is by using binoculars. This set is compact, lightweight, and high powered, so perfect for any camping trip, and on sale so grab them while they last.

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5 qt Dutch Oven

This Lodge dutch oven is an absolute workhorse, and something every true camper should have. Capable of cooking just about anything you can throw at it, and durable enough to be passed down from generation to generation, this is an absolute bargain!

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Stainless Steel Mug

This 18-ounce stainless steel camping mug is great for either hot or cold drinks and will work best to help keep a nice hot cup of coffee hot while you sit around that night time campfire. On sale, this mug makes a great stocking stuffer.

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Travel Boot Dryer

Perfect for helping to keep your boots nice and dry while you’re out hiking, this little travel boot dryer does an excellent job at making sure you have nice and toasty dry feet. No one likes dealing with wet boots, and for 30% off, this little boot dryer is an absolute must-have.

And there you have it. The 20 best cyber Monday deals we could find for you!


I have been camping and going outdoors for over 15 years! My first experience was when I joined the scouts. There I learned a lot. From building a campfire to set up a really big tent. Then I know this is awesome. Around 2005 I also started Geocaching. This is a lot of fun. And every time we go camping we look at the map to see if there are some nice caches around.

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