Camping is America’s favorite past time. We have loved camping since the first settlers. There were army camps as far back as the revolutionary war. But, just getting back to the simple life is more the reason these days that people love to camp. Lounging around an open fire with nothing but great food, family, and friends is what it is all about.

Table of contents

  1. Prepare to Cook Outdoors

Being able to unplug from our devices and really have a great time can refuel the soul. However, there is some amazing essential camping equipment that can make your next camping trip even better!

There are lists of essential camping cooking equipment everyone should have all over, however, they aren’t worth anything if you forget them at home.  So, why not make a list of the things you do have for camping and cooking to ensure you remember them. Or keep them in the plastic tote that is easy to grab and have everything in it and ready.  

Store away as your camp and keep it clean and dry and it’s always prepared. Now, some things that could be in this plastic tote are things you find around the kitchen, of course.

However, depending on how your camp can also depend on what you bring.  Bringing camping tools for cooking will be determined by if you are a grill cooker or a bonfire cooker, maybe a little bit of both?  There is certainly one tool that will earn its weight as a go-to for many campers.

This tool is a pie maker, but don’t think you just have to make pies in it.  Pie makers are typically cast iron and there are essentially 100’s if not 1000’s of recipes out there. It is used on the bonfire and grilled sandwiches to various shepherds pies and well, pie as well.


Prepare to Cook Outdoors

You will need to make that bonfire, so well, wood would be great as well.  Or if you are going to cook on a grill or stove you will need the grill or stove, or both along with the fuel that you need to cook with.  If you are cooking in a camper, the camper will need to be prepared to use the stove. Or, as many campers like to do, you can cook outside on a camping stove or grill.  This allows for more room and sometimes is easier, especially if you have a larger crowd.

Cooking inside a camper can get a bit cramped. But, it can be done. Storing all your kitchen camping things inside the camper and just leaving it set up can ensure you will not arrive without something important.  Things like the normal kitchen stuff such as:

And, to make meals even easier, do up some meal prepping before you leave.  Plan out the meals and have items already chopped and put into the foil if that is how you plan to make them.  This will allow everyone to enjoy the great food without having to labor all day over it.

Get creative and have fun with cooking on the open flame of the bonfire or using a grill.  The small camping stoves are very efficient and easy to use as well.

However, you enjoy camping, there are certainly many varieties of cooking offered.  Just remember to be organized and ensure you have everything before you leave and have fun.