Campfire cooking has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years, which may sound odd since we’re still pretty much just cooking food over an open fire, however the recipes and tools available increase exponentially by the day.

So when we were asked to field test the E-Z Over Grill, we of course said yes because we love testing new tools that we can then share here with our community.

EZ Over Grill overview

The EZ over grill comes in two easy carry packs, one for the legs and one for the grill basket. Setup was pretty quick and simple, much like any other tripod grill. First, we had to attach the lower leg extensions to the tripod, then stand the tripod up over the fire. The grill basket and cover all store together, so just unpack the cover and hang the basket using the steel cable.

Load the EZ Grill

For our test, we loaded our ez over grill with sweet potatoes, corn, and bacon-wrapped hot dogs. After the grill was loaded, we added the top grate and screwed the clamp on. Adjusting the grill’s height over the campfire was actually very easy thanks to the large wood handle and pulley system on the steel rope. Much easier than some of the other grills we’ve used.

Since our food was going to be cooking for a while, we covered it and gave it a good spin to make sure it would cook nice and evenly. The grill kept spinning for about 10 minutes on its own so we didn’t have to tend to it too often which was nice.

Flipping the EZ Grill

When it came time to flip everything on the grill we were excited to see how it performed. Overall the process was pretty simple – it’s just a matter of loosening the side clamp so the grill basket is free to move, then just turn it over and tighten the clamp again.

One thing we will note here is that this should be a two-handed procedure, one hand for the clamp and the other hand to spin the basket. This will make it much simpler. Also, make sure you get yourself a good pair of heat resistant gloves as the grill will be hot.

We do think there is a little bit of a learning curve here, as with any time you cook for the first time on a new grill, but after spending an hour with this grill we were already very comfortable.

Overall conclusion

Overall we were pleased with our experience using this ez over grill and are pretty sure it will become one of our go-to cooking tools. Even if we’re cooking something that doesn’t need to utilize the ez-over functionality, we would still use this grill just based on its heavy-duty construction and durability.