First Time RV Camping Tips

So, this is your first time?  And, it seems a bit on the daunting side?  No worries, we can help with the first time RV Camping trips.  Whether you are renting the RV or now are a proud owner, there are simple tips and tricks to this camping lifestyle you should know or at least take into consideration.  Let’s make RV camping one of the best experiences of your life.

RV Camping Tips

RV Camping is a little different than hiking and camping. You have more room and you don’t have to carry everything you bring. This style of camping can be a little less stressful than that of tent camping as there are proper beds and such so everyone has a place to sleep and put their things. If you are going camping in an RV for the first time there are certainly some pointers we can add to help you navigate your new adventure.

Whether you have purchased your RV or are going to rent one, stay positive on this new adventure and think of it as making memories for years to come. If you own the RV and do not want to drive all the way to your camping destination, you can have it shipped there instead. 

In an RV you have more cooking options as well. You can use your stove and even a microwave as well as the campfire. However, you can pack a grill as well. They make small compact grills in both gas and charcoal that can go into the camper and stay. This means that it will just always be packed and ready to go anytime you are.

Gas up at Truck Stops

An RV is a big rig and going through a normal gas station can be a bit cumbersome.  So, take notes on where the truck stops are along the way. Truck stops have become very common these days, but remember, be kind to the truckers.  

They are working and be considerate of that as well as their time and space. They understand that the bigger rigs need space to move, turn, and park, don’t block their pathways or leave the rig in a spot that blocks them from gassing up.  Semis are usually Desiel if your RV runs on gas, you’ll need to look for the RV gas pumps with are usually off to the side somewhere.

Know your Size

The size of your RV matters, you should know how tall you are as well as how wide and the weight.  You can get apps on your phone that you can plug this information in and it’ll let you know if there is a bridge you cannot go under.  As well as things like drive-thrus and gas station overhangs are other reasons to know this measurement.

Let’s not destroy someone’s property or the RV because we didn’t take a minute and measure.  And, a great tip here is to put the weight and height in a space you can spot easily for reference, like the top of the sun visor.

Walk around the RV

Before you leave the campsite is usually the time when people forget to walk around the RV.  However, this holds true before you leave as well. Walk around the inside and ensure everything is buttoned down and secure.  

Remember this is a rolling house and the doors and drawers need to be latched. On the outside ensure the chucks are removed, the lines are all detached from the campground and the doors and windows are securely closed.  The awning is rolled up and the steps pushed in. These sound like simple things, however, many many people forget something that can lead to disaster. Check under the RV, as this is a great place to store things when it is parked, but easily forgotten.  

Venture Rv

Plan to have some Issues

If you plan for them, they won’t happen, right?  Great theory anyway, but a basic toolkit is a must.  Even if you are not the handy of all handymen, it is good to have onboard as many other campers just might be able to help in a bind.  

And, a small tire air compressor is another great investment! If you find yourself with a flat, it’s easy to blow up and get to a repair shop.  A simple screwdriver can be used to hooking up the hoses and such as well. So, plan to pack a basic tool kit, you won’t be disappointed. Look also at our cold weather RV tips for more tips when going camping in the winter.

We hope that some of these simple suggestions will make that first time RV trip fun and relaxing.  Remember a checklist is always a good thing to have, as it is easy to get distracted and forget something as simple as putting the awning up.  Take your time and be safe out there.

Use the Outdoor Camping Space

Remember you have an outdoor space at most campgrounds. And, most that camp in RV’s usually use campgrounds as their means for camping. This outdoor space is not always shaded, however, if you park your camper in a fashion to block the sun you can use your awing to have a little shade. And, this outdoor space can hold anything extra that doesn’t fit inside.

Large plastic totes are great for this as they are easy to put on the bed and take out when you get there. These totes could have your clothing packed in them or extra blankets. And, get a large outdoor rug. This rug will expand the space outdoors and provides a nice place to sit.

Be sure to pack the condiments. Yes, food is very important while camping but it certainly easy to forget the condiments. And, well, that campsite is usually pretty pricing. If you are camping a lot many people will leave things in the fridge and plug the camper in when they get home. This is a nice little tip that saves you from hauling back and forth.

Pack the RV with Essentials

Get the camper cookware. Yes, you can pack and unpack your cookware, however, it is not that expensive to get a couple of extras to put in your camper. This goes for other essentials such as shampoo, toothbrushes, and other things that you will use often. Filling the camper with these little necessities means it is ready when you are. And, all you need to pack is clothing and food.

When packing food, try to pack things that go together. This makes for easier cooking and easier to haul. Meal planning can save you a lot of frustration and there are all kinds of fun amazing dishes that you can make at home so you can enjoy more time with family and friends during your camping experience. Meal prepping is even easier in your own kitchen. However, it is an experience to cut everything up on a picnic table alongside everyone as well. Use your judgment.


I have been camping and going outdoors for over 15 years! My first experience was when I joined the scouts. There I learned a lot. From building a campfire to set up a really big tent. Then I know this is awesome. Around 2005 I also started Geocaching. This is a lot of fun. And every time we go camping we look at the map to see if there are some nice caches around.

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