Flextail Max Lantern Review

If you are looking for a lamp that provides atmosphere as well as functionality, you might want to read on. In this review I will discuss a lamp that has different light modes and colors and can also be used as a power bank and humidifier.

Flextail is an emerging brand that has become increasingly visible on Social Media and especially Instagram. Several outdoorinfluencers were already spotted with the well known mini pumps, lightweight mats and also OutdoorOnly has reviewed some products like the Flextail Tiny repel. In this review you can read all about the “Max Lantern”.

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In a nutshell

The Max Lantern is a portable lamp inspired by the vintage look of oil lamps. The lamp has several functions, each of which we will explain. For starters, the lamp is quite compact (11.4×12.4×13.2cm) and comes in a sturdy and neatly finished storage box.

You can use the lamp in three different light modes including a very pleasant “dancing flame” mode. A warm soft changing light which is nice for the eyes and also looks special.

In addition, the lamp can be used with a humidifier mode, which is nice if you suffer from dry air due to a heater in the tent. Finally, the lamp is equipped with a small emergency power supply so that you can also use it as a power bank if necessary.

In practice

The lamp is easy to operate, compact and can take a beating. Even humid conditions such as three days of rain or hanging under a damp tarp for longer periods of time. According to the manual, the lamp lasts a maximum of 23 hours.

With intensive use, such as in the winter months, you’ll reach 19 hours. That’s only if you actually use the lamp as a lamp (on the brightest setting) and not as a power bank or humidifier.

The lamp has a 9600mAh lithium battery, equipped with Type-C connectors so you can also easily charge the lamp on the road in the car or through a power bank/solar panel. Below you can see how long on average you can enjoy this lamp per mode.

If you want to use the humidifier you need 100 ml of water and you need to turn a slider to unlock this mode. The good thing is that this mode shuts off automatically if it is used too long or if the water runs out.

If you want to use the lamp as a power bank, you must assume that, if you also want to use the other functions, you can fully charge the phone once. If you do not use the other functions, the average smartphone can be charged 2.5 times. The charging time of the lamp itself takes an average of 4 hours.

When do we use this lamp?

The Max Lantern comes into its own when you go camping for several days and when you have long evenings with little light. Especially in the fall and winter or when the weather is not as good in the summer months and you still want to create some atmosphere.

In addition, we have often used the lamp instead of a headlamp on short bivouac nights and in places where making fire is not allowed. Because you can combine the atmospheric lighting with the humidifier, you still get at least a bit of the feeling of a campfire.

In addition, we find this lamp a comfortable addition to camping in tents where a wood stove is present. Even though you have to refill regularly, it makes the air more comfortable to a tangible degree.


Advantages and Disadvantages

Design : The lamp is small, not too heavy and functionally built. Buttons: The buttons are not always easy to operate and quite small. Disadvantageous in winter or with large hands.Charging time: To fully charge this lamp, you need an average of 4 hours.
Material : Lightweight, can take a beating and a damp environment. Also comes in a very neat storage box. Availability in colors: The lamp comes only in one color, which in our opinion is far from the most beautiful.Availability in colors: The lamp comes in only one color, which in our opinion is far from the prettiest.
Design: The lamp is clearly based on a vintage look of the older oil and gas lamps but with modern functionalities. Weight: Despite its small size and light material, too lamp weighs just under 500 grams, partly due to the battery.Weight: Despite its small size and light material, te lamp weighs just under 500 grams, partly due to the battery.
Functions: Never before have we had such a functional lamp, you feel somewhat dyed with this piece of equipment in the tent. Charging time: It takes an average of 4 hours to fully charge this lamp.Buttons: The buttons are not always easy to operate and quite small. Disadvantageous in winter or with large hands.


After personally trying out and intensively using this lamp in different seasons and situations I am satisfied with the quality but especially very satisfied with the functionality. The appearance leaves something to be desired however the use is not inferior at all, which is the most important thing for me at the end of the day.

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Unlike most review products, this lamp will be in my personal equipment for a long time to come. It is also expected to be requested many times by my partner for a cozy evening outside.

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