Fun Things To Bring On Your Next Camping Trip

There are so many fun things to bring on your next camping trip. But, did you know that there are so many cool have to have gadgets out there? We are talking about a cell phone charger that works with fire? Or a bed that fits the back of your SUV so you no longer need the tent and all that other stuff? We are here to tell you there are some really fun and amazing things that you can bring on your next camping trip.

BioLite Camp Stove

This stove produces energy with its fire. Yep, that’s right, start a fire in your bio-lite and you will have a phone charger as well as heat to cook dinner on. Perfect! This is great for those times that you are “roughing” it but cannot be without phone service. Being without phone service is kind of dangerous anyway, so why not keep it charged and handy in case of an emergency! This can power and recharge just about any rechargeable battery as well.

SUV Backseat Mattress

Sometimes hauling all the gear can seem like a huge task when you just want to get away for a couple of days. Well, why haul all of it when they make an SUV air mattress that fits in your car? Now you can camp just about anywhere you can park. This can make road trips fun and exciting without always having to find a campsite per site. This would be perfect for hunting!

The Coolest Cooler

Have you seen these things? Wow! This would be so fun to take along with some friends. The Coolest Cooler has a blender built-in! Or you can opt for the solar panel lid and have it powered up for days. The solar-powered lid can be detached and go with you wherever you find the sun. You can get the blender with the solar lid and keep the drinks flowing.

It has nice pockets on the outside and a bottle opener that will catch all the top. The accessories are crazy amazing and this cooler is not your average cooler at all. The solar panel can extend to make a mini bar top table. There are Bluetooth speakers ad plates and a knife. These my friends are not just a cooler, but it’s the coolest cooler ever.


This is a great take-along when hiking and camping. It makes any water safe to drink. A life straw can be fun to challenge others with as well. Think of the faces you’d have pulling it out and drinking from the river.


This handy little device will make it easier to start that fire. It is a carabiner with a built-in fire-starting sparking wheel. It will spark even in wet conditions due to its Ferro rod that is replaceable as well. This is a must not leave home without for anyone that loves their campfires.

Flint Laces

This is another great idea for those that love to have their fire. These are boot laces that contain ferrocerium that will spark when struck against the included stainless steel plate. Since, as a hiker, most of the time you are wearing hiking boots, this might be something you always have on you and don’t even think about it.

And, there you have it, some fun things to bring on your next camping trip. Or, maybe they are just too fun and you need to invent a camping trip so you can try them out.

And of course, we want to also tell you what NOT to bring with you when camping. We have made a special blog post about this one!


I have been camping and going outdoors for over 15 years! My first experience was when I joined the scouts. There I learned a lot. From building a campfire to set up a really big tent. Then I know this is awesome. Around 2005 I also started Geocaching. This is a lot of fun. And every time we go camping we look at the map to see if there are some nice caches around.

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