Geocaching: A Unique Camping Adventure

Geocaching is super fun and a great way to get out and enjoy nature. You don’t need any fancy equipment, but if you really get into it, like everything, there are all kinds of fancy equipment that you can purchase. However, to get started all you need is an app on your phone, which is free and phone signal. Much of the US has cell phone service by now, but you should check the area before heading out. Always pack a manual compass and pay attention to where you are going, in case you lose service.

Finding Hidden Treasures

Geocaching is about finding hidden boxes, tubes, or containers throughout the world. Yes, this is something that you can enjoy worldwide. First, you should download the app, there are several but the official geocaching app is probably the best. Next, find an area or location that has some geocaching in it. You can certainly upgrade the app on your phone for a small fee, however, you don’t have to. This allows you to see more caches in the areas. This is always updated but, with everything, don’t expect perfection.

Check for Activity

Once you have found an area that looks promising, check the “activity” log. This is where people will post if they haven’t found it if the log is too wet and other notes. This will tell you if there is a string of caches that haven’t been found lately, it probably isn’t a spot to venture to. This will save you time and frustration out in the field.

Combine going Geocaching with camping for an extra adventure. You can tent camp or camp in a camper and get further out from home with your Geocaching as a form of entertainment. This is fun for all ages! This is definitely easier with two people, one that can navigate to the location, while the other drives. However, it is completely okay to try this alone or with kids, you just need to have a little patience.

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The Geocaching app will tell you the terrain and level of difficulty. Be sure to check the weather as this is far more fun on a nice clear day than in the rain.  This is an activity that you can take the entire family on. However, remember that kids have shorter attention spans.

So, by doing a little research before going out, might help things a bit. Look at the difficulty and the notes and comments to determine if it is one that won’t stump the little ones.

Great Bonding Camping Activity

This is about having fun and bonding with your kids and shouldn’t turn into an argument. And, don’t forget the snacks! If you are Geocaching with your car, you can easily pack a nice little cooler for a picnic or a snack. Remember to stay hydrated too! Get ready to see places that you might not otherwise have ventured too! That is the fun in Geocaching, going where you might not have ever gone without this adventure.

And, remember, you are to do this in a stealth-like fashion. Most people have heard of Geocaching but you are not to be caught or seen getting the cache.


I have been camping and going outdoors for over 15 years! My first experience was when I joined the scouts. There I learned a lot. From building a campfire to set up a really big tent. Then I know this is awesome. Around 2005 I also started Geocaching. This is a lot of fun. And every time we go camping we look at the map to see if there are some nice caches around.

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