Fishing is the most popular participatory sport among all age groups but everyone has their own perception for fishing. Some find it boring while many find it adventurous. So, we thought of bridging the gap by telling you things no one tells you before you take fishing.

Everything smells

Everything means everything. The fish smells, the water smells, the net smells. You will take time to adapt to the smell. In the beginning, you will find it hard to sustain but later on, you will adjust according to the surrounding. Your hand will become dirty each time you touch something. You will wipe your hand on the cloth and that will ultimately dirt your dress. Your body will eventually start smelling like a fish. All you need is to scrub your body while you hit the washroom.

The best time to go is early evening

Do you know, what is the best time to go fishing? If you guessed, it’s evening. Cheers, you are right. According to fishermen and some known personalities, the best time to go fishing is evening. Well, some consider early morning as the best time, but logically fish gets better as darkness falls.

There’s more to fishing than catching fish

It helps of course, but if you just go fishing to get fish, then you’re kind of missing the point. Instead, go close to nature, to relax in one place – or various places – so modestly that you blend in with your surroundings. Study the environment, work out where the fish are and then, if feasible, get them to taste. If you fish well, you’ll probably catch a fish; and if you don’t get one, you’ll still have the pleasure of having fished well.

Most fish can be caught below your rod tip

The biggest fish that many fishermen ever catch will take a bait fished at their bases, so there’s no need to procure competition-standard casting works or spend loads of money on an extravagant setup. Instead, try procuring something else. You’d be shocked how much of a lost art this and how tough many people find it to sit and do and speak nothing. Once you can, you’ll find fish – particularly at dusk – are quite happy to roam past your feet in a delightfully cool way. And fish that are unconcerned are comfortable to catch.