Rockfish Fishing

Rockfish are unique and fun fish that you can find all around the shores of Alaska. However, these particular fish have what they call a swim bladder. This swim bladder is how they control how deep they go or shallow. It is part of their buoyancy system. However, if you hook a rockfish and bring it to the surface, you can damage this bladder and they are not able to swim properly.

You will know if you damage it, as it can be quite gruesome to see. The expanding bladder will over-expand as it is brought to the surface and can be responsible for blowing its stomach out of its mouth and its intestines out of its tail region. This is why it is important to not catch them. These are fish that you cannot simply put back.

However, if you are in Alaska or Connecticut fishing there are many other fish options to catch. And it is easy to avoid the various species of Rockfish and focus on other species. These fish can live long lifespans and should be preserved. The declining numbers in Rockfish have some concern. They are being overfished in some areas and we are starting to see a decline in their population in the oceans.

It is important to everyone, including the planet to ensure that we allow these types of populations to rejuvenate and grow back. Most of the people that are responsible for the killing of Rockfish are recreational anglers. This combined with the various state laws makes them an easy target for some fishermen that want to act irresponsibly.

Other factors that are affecting Rockfish

However, there are many reasons for the decline in Rockfish. Things that affect all wildlife such as runoff from farms, fields, and industry as well as natural habitat changes. Things such as the plastics that are finding our oceans are also having a direct impact on our ocean critters. There are also fewer places for the fish to spawn, as we build up the areas more and more.

It is important for the future of our planet and generations to get the decline of rockfish under control. And, get the pollution under control in both the water and air. When the air is polluted, it will rain and that rain will pour contaminants into the ocean’s waters. This has a direct effect on the entire ecosystem that wasn’t made to take such an impact.

Do you part and don’t overfish the waterways. Ensure you know and understand how many fish you can take legally. And, always ask yourself if you need that many fish. Catch and release is a good time for many people and it doesn’t harm, for the most part, the population of the fish.

Taking a couple for a few meals is perfectly okay. However, harvesting more than you are going to use is not the proper way to fish. If you are fishing just to have that trophy but not use the meat, then please put the animal back.  Overfishing is affecting the entire ocean and world, not just for rockfish. We can all do our part in helping with this problem.


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